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Book a Plane

Reduce your costs of flying and share a plane with fellow pilots.

As the top plane sharing company we connect owners and pilots alike with the best rates on the market. Reduce costs as an owner and save money as a pilot. Book knowing that you are covered, all planes logs are reviewed, engines within TOH, and AD's up to date. See our amazing selection online and book on demand.

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Cessna 150/152

cessna 172 crop.jpg

Cessna 172

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Piper Cherokee PA 140

From $90 - $120

Cessna 150s and 152's have been used for many years to train pilots. Book block time on one of the cheapest trainers around.

From $110 - $150

Taking some friends for a tour? Rent a 4 seater aircraft and share your passion for flight.

From $110-$140

While not as spacious as the 172 book a great cross country cruiser. Fast and fuel efficient cruises at 110 kts indicated.


Available Airports


Buttonville Airport CYTZ

cessna 172 crop.jpg

Other Airports are coming soon