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Owner FAQs

How do I list my plane?

Please contact us to list your plane, we require a scan of the logs displaying all AD's, and engine TBO. We will arrange for professional pictures to be taken of your plane.

How is the price decided?

To be compliant with FAA and TC owners are able to cover the costs of their airplane; this can include maintenance, fuel and insurance. Owners are able to share the cost of ownership with block time bookers. Owners can set their own price or allow Avro to set using average ownership costs.

Am I covered if my plane is damaged during a booking?

All pilots on the application are confirmed to have insurance. Insurance for pilots can be purchased through the application, yearly, hourly or from an alternate insurer.

How do I get paid?

Owners can request a deposit into their account whenever the balance is over $100.


Pilot FAQs

Which payment methods do you accept?

All major credit card's are accepted.

What do I need to do prior to booking a plane?

Prior to flying an aircraft you need to be checked out and cleared to fly on the aircraft by either a flight instructor/ the owner or both. 

What happens if I damage a plane?

If a plane is damaged while in your care; you would be responsible for informing the owner in compliance with the owner's standard operating procedure.  The insurance deductible would be charged to your Credit card and the airplane would be repaired.  Prior to re-renting an aircraft you would need to comply with all insurance requirements.

Who is responsible for fees and fueling the aircraft?

All landing fees, and fuel costs are charged to the renters credit card.